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Root species for vegt (ENSXETG00000004260) (Frog) AlignView depth PhyloView depth
Fungi/Metazoa group Fungi/Metazoa group ~1500 Mya 350 species
Bilateria Bilateria ~580 Mya 348 species
Chordata Chordata ~550 Mya 344 species
Vertebrata Vertebrata ~550 Mya 340 species 280 homologs (oldest homol.)
Euteleostomi Euteleostomi ~420 Mya 336 species 277 homologs (dupl. node)
255 homologs (dupl. node)
174 homologs
Sarcopterygii Sarcopterygii ~400 Mya 240 species 78 homologs
Tetrapoda Tetrapoda ~359 Mya 238 species 76 homologs
Frog Frog ~0 Mya 1 species 1 homolog

Advanced Options
-evalue <Real>
Expectation value (E) threshold for saving hits
Default = '10'
-word_size <Integer, >=2>
Word size for wordfinder algorithm
Default = '3'
-gapopen <Integer>
Cost to open a gap
Default = '11'
-gapextend <Integer>
Cost to extend a gap
Default = '1'
-matrix <String>
Scoring matrix name (normally BLOSUM62)
-threshold <Real, >=0>
Minimum word score such that the word is added to the BLAST lookup table
Default = '11'
-window_size <Integer, >=0>
Multiple hits window size, use 0 to specify 1-hit algorithm
Default = '40'