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50 results with query «otx2». Choose your reference gene, or start a new search
In Primates:
OTX2 (ENSGGOG00000004038) present in Gorilla Gorilla
OTX2 (ENSPCOG00000015777) present in Coquerels sifaka Coquerels sifaka
OTX2 (ENSRBIG00000036278) present in Black snub-nosed monkey Black snub-nosed monkey
OTX2 (ENSMFAG00000033859) present in Crab-eating macaque Crab-eating macaque
OTX2 (ENSOGAG00000006981) present in Bushbaby Bushbaby
OTX2 (ENSMNEG00000043694) present in Pig-tailed macaque Pig-tailed macaque
OTX2 (ENSANAG00000032626) present in Mas night monkey Mas night monkey
OTX2 (ENSNLEG00000012999) present in Gibbon Gibbon
OTX2 (ENSCCAG00000031967) present in Capuchin Capuchin
OTX2 (ENSMICG00000028939) present in Mouse lemur Mouse lemur
OTX2 (ENSCANG00000027283) present in Angola colobus Angola colobus
OTX2 (ENSPPAG00000041036) present in pygmy chimpanzee pygmy chimpanzee
OTX2 (ENSG00000165588) present in Human Human
OTX2 (ENSPPYG00000005846) present in Orangutan Orangutan
OTX2 (ENSMMUG00000038006) present in Rhesus Rhesus
OTX2 (ENSTSYG00000036594) present in Tarsier Tarsier
OTX2 (ENSPTRG00000006381) present in Chimpanzee Chimpanzee
OTX2 (ENSRROG00000042790) present in Golden snub-nosed monkey Golden snub-nosed monkey
OTX2 (ENSPANG00000004317) present in Olive baboon Olive baboon
OTX2 (ENSCSAG00000014537) present in Vervet Monkey Vervet Monkey
OTX2 (ENSCATG00000041601) present in Sooty mangabey Sooty mangabey
OTX2 (ENSMLEG00000032254) present in Drill Drill
OTX2 (ENSPSMG00000024363) present in Greater bamboo lemur Greater bamboo lemur
OTX2 (ENSCJAG00000018583) present in Marmoset Marmoset
OTX2 (ENSSBOG00000026803) present in Bolivian squirrel monkey Bolivian squirrel monkey
In Rodents etc.:
Otx2 (MGP_PahariEiJ_G0030190) present in Shrew mouse Shrew mouse
Otx2 (ENSCGRG00000013523) present in Cricetulus griseus Crigri Cricetulus griseus Crigri
Otx2 (MGP_CAROLIEiJ_G0019173) present in Ryukyu mouse Ryukyu mouse
Otx2 (ENSRNOG00000048322) present in Rat Rat
Otx2 (ENSDORG00000028570) present in Kangaroo rat Kangaroo rat
Otx2 (ENSMSIG00000023705) present in Steppe mouse Steppe mouse
OTX2 (ENSMMMG00000005205) present in Alpin marmot Alpin marmot
Otx2 (ENSCGRG00015001081) present in Chinese hamster Crigri-PICR Chinese hamster Crigri-PICR
OTX2 (ENSOPRG00000015946) present in Pika Pika
OTX2 (ENSUPAG00010001231) present in Arctic ground squirrel Arctic ground squirrel
Otx2 (ENSMUGG00000018239) present in Mongolian gerbil Mongolian gerbil
OTX2 (ENSODEG00000016325) present in Degu Degu
OTX2 (ENSSTOG00000028544) present in Squirrel Squirrel
Otx2 (ENSNGAG00000015521) present in Upper Galilee mountains blind mole rat Upper Galilee mountains blind mole rat
Otx2 (ENSCGRG00001013006) present in Chinese hamster CHOK1GS Chinese hamster CHOK1GS
Otx2 (ENSMUSG00000021848) present in Mouse Mouse
OTX2 (ENSTBEG00000002550) present in Tree shrew Tree shrew
Otx2 (ENSPEMG00000030021) present in Northern American deer mouse Northern American deer mouse
OTX2 (ENSCLAG00000004839) present in Long-tailed chinchilla Long-tailed chinchilla
Otx2 (MGP_SPRETEiJ_G0020061) present in spretus spretus
OTX2 (ENSCPOG00000003420) present in Guinea pig Guinea pig
Otx2 (ENSMAUG00000018184) present in Golden Hamster Golden Hamster
Otx2 (ENSJJAG00000012995) present in Lesser Egyptian jerboa Lesser Egyptian jerboa
OTX2 (ENSOCUG00000002633) present in Rabbit Rabbit
Otx2 (ENSCCNG00000030094) present in American beaver American beaver

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